Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The Phoenix has risen

The Phoenix has risen.

Over the winter Trafalgar Drystack was used to test a prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called Phoenix. 

Designed to stay in the air indefinitely using a new type of propulsion, this airship with wings is a joint project involving five UK universities and three industry partners. 

The prototype Phoenix was successfully tested inside the drystack’s huge indoor space to protect the aircraft from the winter winds - although production versions would operate in all weathers.

It is hoped this technology could be used in the future to launch satellites into space or deployed in disaster relief and border control.

BBC News recently featured the Phoenix project with video shot during its trial at Trafalgar Drystack.


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Is your boat safe from Storm Gareth? Or Hannah? She's the next storm to hit!

Storm Gareth has blown so many boats out of the water, and there are thousands of boats like this at risk every time there's a storm.

We hope this never happens to you. Luckily there's a way we can guarantee it never will.

Reserve your place at the The Drystack, at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth and your boat will be fully, totally and 100%  protected from storms, salt, and spray in our massive, fully indoor dry boat storage facility.  It's the perfect indoor shelter that hundreds of owners are using.  Not only is it safe - it's convenient.

When you want to use your boat just call us and we'll have it launched and ready for you on our pontoon.  Free parking, valet fueling and full tidal access are just some of the perks of using The Drystack.

Here's a video of how it works.

Give Corinne a call today on 02392 706384 and she'll have your boat tucked up safe and sound in no time.

By the way, our prices are going up on the 1st April 2019, so pay your fully refundable £100 deposit before the 31st March to reserve your place and pay the 2018 price.

P.S. We didn't realise how many storms there have been in the last few months.  It's 'Hannah' up next so act quickly.

UK storm names 2018/2019

Name           Date of impact on UK and/or Ireland
Ali                19th September 2018
Bronagh       20th to 21st September 2018
Callum         12th to 13th October 2018
Deirdre        15th to 16th December 2018
Erik              8th to 9th February 2019
Freya           3rd to 4th March 2019
Gareth         12th to 13th March 2019
Hannah...    She's next!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Free wine anyone?

Image result for case of wineRefer a friend to join The Drystack and when they sign up for an annual contract we’ll give you a case of wine to say thank you.  (If wine isn't your tipple then I'm sure we could buy you something else) ;) 

You don’t have to be a drystack customer yourself to refer them.

For more information call Corinne on 02392 706384.

Image result for The Drystack PortsmouthIt really is that easy to get your hands on free wine.  Tell your friends, colleagues, associates and people down the golf club or pub who have boats that are suitable to store in our drystack about us, and tell them to pop in for a look around. 

If they sign up to an annual contract with us then we'll give you wine, wine, wine!!

The more people you refer (and who join) the more we'll reward you.

For more information call Corinne on 02392 706384.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Looking smart for the summer season

Get your crew members catwalk ready (or should that be 'boardwalk' ready) for the boating season with customised polo-shirts.   

Or perhaps you just fancy a nice polo with your boat name on.

Whichever you prefer, we can arrange this for you.  We get good deals on Gill clothing and have a great embroidery company we use on a regular basis.

So just pop in, pick your shirts or polos and leave the rest to us.

You can also call us to place your order, just call the usual number...02392 387833.

10 boat checks to do BEFORE heading out on the water

1. Check all fuel hoses and connections for any fuel leaks, cracks and brittle areas.  Replace fuel filter.

2. Check battery condition, recharge or replace if its not holding charge.  Check the battery terminal connections and clean with a wire brush.

3. Check and replace water pump impeller.

4. Change engine oil, oil filter and gear box oil.

5. Check control cables are working, check the outer jacket for cracks or swells which may indicate a problem.

6. Ensure drain plug has been fitted.

7. Check propeller condition and that it is secured properly.

8. Check all the safety gear.  Check that all life jackets are in good working order and the fire extinguishers are all fully charged.

9. Check the bilge pumps are working correctly.

10. Check engine starts and all is running ok before launching.

A few more useful tips:

If you have a VHF Radio on board your boat it would worthwhile doing a radio check by contacting the Solent Coast Guard.  Use Channel 67 and say: “Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard. This is [your boat name, your boat name, your boat name]. Radio Check. Over.”

Another important check is your boat trailer. Always check the wheel bearings and any other moving parts for signs of corrosion.  You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the motorway with your family and a broken trailer!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

January Special Offer – save 10% on storage ashore

Lift out, block off, wash and storage at Trafalgar Wharf

Does your boat need some well-deserved TLC but you’re worried it could be pricey?

Well don’t worry, we can help you save some cash with our January special offer.

Book your boat in at our boatyard for a lift out, block off and a jolly good wash. You can get done all those little jobs that need doing and your boat will be ready for the warmer months so you can enjoy time afloat on her. 

Hook up to electricity and water whilst ashore, and take advantage of our new cafe too. 

Check out this time-lapse video of a boat being blocked off for storage ashore.

Get your 5% discount for booking your place, and if you pay upfront then we’ll give you a further 5% off.

Prices are based on your boats overall length.

Spaces are limited so give Corinne a call today on 02392 387833 for a quote.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Make your New Year’s Resolution to ‘use my boat more often!’

Here’s our top tips on how you can make this happen

I will use my boat more in 2019

No.1- Book the best 2019 tides
Check out the new tide tables. Mark in your diary the best weekends to visit the beaches.  There’s usually more beach to play on at low water at beauty spots such as East Head, Newtown Creek and Priory Bay.

No.2 - Free up your time
If you want to get afloat with your mates, arrange for your partner or family to have a few exciting days out. Maybe an adventure to London. Block those dates out as boating days for you – rain or shine! 

No.3 - Dodge the dog walking
If your dog is not water confident and it means you are restricted by walking and feeding times, check out local dog care services. Try or

No.4 It's festival time!
Make 2019 the year to visit new events or festivals. Check out the local spectacles and events you’ve always wanted to see and arrive by boat. Get these into your calendar now! Here’s a few on our hot list for you:

Isle of Wight Festival - 13 to 16 June
Rock the Boat, Bembridge music from 60s and 70s - 22 June
Rolex Fastnet Race Start - 3 August
Cowes Week Fireworks - Friday 16 August
Isle of Wight Garlic Festival 17-18 August
The Wight Proms – 29 Aug to 1 Sept
Bembridge Harbour Food Festival – 21-22 Sept
Beaulieu Fireworks Spectacular - 26 October

No.5 - Special days and precious times
Make sure you spend all the important birthdays and anniversaries on your boat.  Even if you come down and stay overnight in the marina. Book them out now in your diary.

No.6 - Catering made simple
Pick up a pre-packed picnic from The Beach Hut CafĂ©. Save yourself time shopping and preparing food.  Order these in advance.  Contact

No.7 - Pre-pack your boat bag
Have a check list of everything you need for a great day on the water.  Save time by keeping a bag ready and packed with everything you need from sun-cream, water bottles, towels and boat keys. Then you can just decide to go afloat at the drop of a hat.  No rushing around.

No.8 - Involve your crew
If there’s anyone in your crew who’s not sure about boating, could a training course in boat handling or driving help them? They will get more out of their day afloat, if they feel more involved and confident. Booking up some coaching with an approved RYA Powerboat Instructor could make a nice gift too.

No.9 - Take the hassle out of launching
Storing your boat in Trafalgar Drystack means your boat can be afloat and ready to go, within one hour of us receiving your APP message or call.  What’s not to like?