Monday, 22 August 2011

CYE's New Ship Blog

Have a look at CYE's new ship blog. It is really interesting to see how the boat is progressing. Click here to read the blog.

After a flurry of superyacht activity at Trafalgar Wharf earlier this year, it's now the turn of the less glamorous, but equally important side of our refit and maintenance business to take centre stage.

At the time of writing, we're lucky enough to have two vessels onsite - SD Moorfowl a former Mooring and Salvage vessel operated by Serco Denholm that is being converted into a diving support vessel and Split Two, a hopper barge owned by ML(UK) of Portsmouth with us for maintenance work.

First off is Split Two - more information on her can be found here

And here is SD Moorfowl.

More information on Serco Denholm's work is here and photos of SD Moorfowl in action can be found on this site.