Tuesday, 27 September 2011

‘This has to be the strangest event….ever reported on’

We have all navigated round it, sailed over it or for the unlucky few scraped our bottoms on it but how many of us have played Cricket on it?

‘It’ is Bramble Bank, a shallow area of water in the central Solent which, on the rare occasion, totally dries out. On Wednesday 28th September at around 1800 the annual Royal Southern Vs Island Sailing Club Cricket match will take place on Bramble Bank and will be supported by a few of the Trafalgar Wharf staff. If you are out in the Solent it is quite a sight so why not set your course for Bramble, be sure not to get too close though!

See you on the water!

Monday, 19 September 2011

FREE Boat Storage at Trafalgar Wharf Drystack when England win the Rugby World Cup

As most of the nation wait with baited breath for the outcome of the Rugby World Cup, many of our Drystack customers have an extra interest.

They’ll win a year’s FREE Drystack storage, worth over £5,000, when England wins the Rugby World Cup this October.

The competition couldn’t be simpler. When anyone new comes and signs up for the Drystack before 25th September, we’ll refund 100% of their money when England wins the Rugby World Cup in October.

We’re really excited about this, as are our new Drystack customers, so come and join us.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bear Grylls makes an Entrance

Most of our customers associate their boats with relaxation, sport or maybe some adrenaline pumping speed but this one is a little different. Bear Grylls, an ex-special forces soldier who keeps his boat in The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf, prefers to use his boats for making somewhat extreme entrances. The article below sees him jumping from a speeding RIB in Australia as part of his ‘10 Challenges’ Event.