Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack

We hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2013!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Opening at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack

The Drystack office is open throughout the festive season except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. If you would like to use your boat on these days then please contact us and we will launch it into the water the day before.

Trafalgar Wharf Reception will be closed from 22nd December until 7th January and The Drystack team will be on hand for electric cards, queries and in the event of an emergency, every day over this period accept the bank holidays.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to wishing you a happy new year in 2013!

Friday, 14 December 2012

100% of your boat storage money back

Would you like FREE Boatyard or Drystack storage this winter? If your answer is yes, then read on...
With all this freezing cold weather we're having, we've been thinking about another great storage deal to warm you up, and we came up with this:

For all new customers to Trafalgar Wharf, when you sign up for 3 months in our Boat Yard, or 12 months in our Drystack, between now and Christmas, we'll refund you all of your money if there is one inch of snow at Heathrow on Christmas Day, 2012.

The experts are saying we are in for a freezing cold December, so get your hands on this deal whilst it's hot!

Call Corinne today on 023 9270 6384 to book your space.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12/12/12 Is here! Did you survive?

For those who like to get a bit nerdy with their numbers, today is one of the century's most significant dates. Today is 12/12/12, the last of the great repeating dates to occur in our lifetimes, unless you're planning to live until January 1st 2101!

Despite its lucky status, 12/12/12 doesn't seem to be quite as big a deal as 11/11/11 was. That milestone date had the added bonus of being a binary number; that's why it was also known as Nerd New Year (binary joke tagline: "it's ON!").

So how to celebrate 12/12/12? Crank up "The 12 Days of Christmas" (Click here to see our version from 2011) 12 times until you drive everyone crazy. Appropriately for such an event, some on social media are calling 12/12/12 "National Soundcheck Day." That is: "One, two. One, two. One, two."

Meanwhile, the collaborative film project One Day on Earth is filming again, following on from its successful 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 events. The creators will take any video you care to upload to the site and edit it into a movie showing life around the globe. As you know we enjoy making videos at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack and so we are going to film something today to upload so watch this space.

Friday, 30 November 2012

New video from Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack of how to get here by sea

Jo, Trafalgar Wharf Office Manager, and Tom, Manager at JBT Marine, have been busy over the last couple of weeks making a couple of videos showing you how to get to Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack by sea. 

They picked a lovely sunny day to go for a ride in one of JBT's Ballistic RIB's through Portsmouth Harbour. Luckily neither of them went overboard as the water wasn't very warm.

Click on the picture to watch one of the videos, both films are on the map pages of our website should you want to watch them again. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ben Ainslie World Sailor of the Year... for the forth time!

All at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack would like to congratulate Ben Ainslie, from Hampshire, as he has been awarded the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award for a record fourth time.

The 35-year-old Finn sailor scooped the award at a glittering ceremony at the Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland, with China’s Laser Radial sailor Lijia Xu named as the female world sailor of the year after clinching a gold medal at this summer’s Olympic Games.

“Winning the World Sailor of the Year award is a huge honour, especially for everyone who has helped me,” said Ainslie. “There is a huge team in the background from family, friends, coaches and sponsors who helped make it happen. It is a huge honour to be part of such a group of exceptional sailors who were put forward for this award.”

Team GBR sailor Helena Lucas was also in the running last night for the female award after etching her name in British Paralympic sailing history by becoming the nation’s first gold medallist at London 2012.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tony launches the new Sublift at Trafalgar Wharf

On Thursday 8th November Tony immersed our new Sublift into the water from our slipway for the first time. Simon and Jonny watched from the dockside to see Tony’s new toy glide effortlessly into the sea. 

Tony and the Trafalgar Wharf team will be training with the new machine over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out when driving around as it looks a little different to the boat hoist. 

The new Sublift is state of the art and is the most secure way to lift and is incredibly manouverable and very safe.

You may have seen in our Autumn Newsletter that we are asking for names for our Sublift, in return you could win a bottle of wine! Send your suggestions to

Monday, 5 November 2012

Keep updated with Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack

We like to keep you up to date with all the news and gossip from Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack and so here is our latest newsletter.

We have had some new additions to our family, competition winners and helped Portchester Sailing Club come that little bit closer to making the much needed improvements to their club house.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Captain Horatio Pugwash, awaiting your orders….

You may have seen Captain Pugwash sitting lonely at The Drystack. He has lost his ship, the Black Pig, and all of his crew so he is after making some new friends and would like to get back out to the Solent. 

Take him to Gunwharf Quays for the fireworks on Friday 2nd November or take him to the Christmas Festival at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on the first weekend of December. You could even take him out using one of our days out guides and visit somewhere different.

Make sure you take a photo of your adventure together and write about it in his ships log kept in the Drystack beach hut.

To follow Captain Pugwash go to:
•    His Facebook group ‘adventures of captain Pugwash
•    JBT Marine’s blog @

If you have any pictures of Captain Pugwash please send them to

Please don't forget to return Captain Pugwash along with his logbook after your adventure, so that he can continue exploring!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) latest Vehicle arrives at Trafalgar Wharf

One of our tenants, Autonomous Surface Vehicles, took delivery of their latest vehicle last week.  The vehicle has been designed for Thales UK to meet the challenges of future off-board Mine Countermeasures operations. 

The vehicle was delivered from MonsterCAM Marine Concepts based at Lee-on-the-Solent who carried out the hull and deck fibreglass work.

The vehicle is now under construction at ASV’s facilities and will be undergoing acceptance trials later this year. 

ASV Ltd is a UK company and part of Global Fusion, a privately owned international marine services group. Formed in 1998, ASV Ltd provides rugged, reliable and effective unmanned systems using cutting edge marine technology from its operating base near Portsmouth.

Dan Hook, Managing Director at ASV, in receiving the vehicle says: “We are pleased to be developing such an advanced capability at Trafalgar Wharf and for the support provided by them”.

It is unconfirmed as to whether Daniel Craig will be using this in the next James Bond film.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A trip in the Solent on Collective Spirit

In May we wrote about Collective Spirit. A boat that had been built earlier this year at Thornham Marina. Thousands of wooden objects were donated by people from the South East to create a seaworthy archive of stories and memories.

The Boat Project by Lone Twin is part of Artists Taking the Lead, a series of 12 public art commissions across the UK to celebrate the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Boat Project is the winning commission for the South East region and is funded by Arts Council England.

Since May, it has sailed many miles to make appearances at the Olympics in Weymouth and Southampton Boat Show.

Last week Jonny and Simon were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sail on Collective Spirit with Mark Covell, the technical Manager for the project. Mark sailed to glory to win silver in 2000 Sydney Olympics in the Star Class with his sailing partner Ian Walker, and was on hand to help Jonny and Simon with all their technical questions.

Simon and Jonny had lovely weather for their trip. The wind was just right and they both said she sails beautifully.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Swan Update from Neptune Marina

Horatio and  Emma, the proud swan parents of the four gangly teenage swans, are seen every day at high tide in the Neptune Marina at Trafalgar Wharf. At other times in the day you may see them looking for food near the swinging moorings and pontoons or hoping to be given some lunch at The Drystack.

The adult swans will begin to sever the parental tie in about four weeks when they will chase  the youngsters away, sometimes aggressively, so watch out for some noisy encounters!

Monday, 1 October 2012

New Wiggins Forklift Machine at Trafalgar Wharf Drystack

The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf has taken delivery of its second giant Wiggins Marine Forklift, underlining the continued expansion of the marine industry for Portsmouth.

“We’ve had so many boat owners join us at The Drystack in phase one that we decided to invest in a second Wiggins,” says Jonny Boys, MD at Trafalgar Wharf.
The Wiggins Marine Forklift has been imported from the United States at a cost of around $500,000. Boys says, “It’s all about achieving even faster turnaround times for boat owners. We have a team of seven fully-trained and insured drivers – which means both machines are always operational and working hard.”

The two giant Wiggins machines are an impressive sight, lifting boats of 8.5tons and up to thirteen metres long off the ground to store them in giant indoor racks. Boys is confident that “drystacking” is the future with its convenience and zero-hassle factor becoming the required marina offering in the future.

“Now that we have Fanny and Emma, (we named the Wiggins after Lord Nelson’s two female companions,) we’ll be able to look at the possible expansion next summer of what is already the UK’s biggest indoor dry stack.”

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Meercat Barge Launched at Trafalgar Wharf

Today at Trafalgar Wharf, Tony and Phil bravely launched one of the heaviest boats lifted by our hoist. The barge built by Meercat Workboats, a tenant of Trafalgar Wharf, weighed in at around 35 tonnes. The boat is made in two pieces, the other half was launched last week in preparation for today.

Everyone held their breath as the hoist travelled down the slipway but Tony confidently delivered the boat safely into the water to be partnered up with its other half.

The barge will be on sea trials this weekend in Portsmouth Harbour and The Solent before we lift it out again and load it to transport before it travels to Ireland to lay mooring buoys.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

JBT at Trafalgar Wharf host a new and used RIB show

JBT Marine based at The Trafalgar Wharf Drystack will be hosting a new and used RIB event on 14th to 22nd September. Come down to take a test drive or just have a look around at the RIB's and The Drystack.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Congratulations from Trafalgar Wharf to Helena Lucas

All the team at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack would like to give a huge congratulations to Helena Lucas for winning Britains first Paralympic Gold medal in sailing.

Amid the stillness of a perfectly calm Dorset afternoon, Helena Lucas claimed gold in the 2.4mR class to break a 12-year duck after the final race was cancelled due to a lack of wind.
The International 2.4mR is a one-person keelboat. Around 90% of boats are the commercially produced Norlin Mark III designed by yacht designer Peter Norlin of Sweden. The boat is primarily used for racing and the class holds highly competitive national events in many countries. World and European championships are attracting around 100 boats every year. The 2.4mR is ideal for handicap integrated sailing since the sailor does not move in the boat, and everything is adjustable from right in front of the sailor. Both hand-steering and foot-steering are possible.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Save money on winter storage at Trafalgar Wharf!

With autum approaching I bet the last thing you are thinking about is where to store your boat ashore this winter. But you will be surprised to know that we have lots of enquiries and many returning customers have already booked their lift out.

So, pay a £100 deposit in the next four weeks for winter storage, and receive a 5% discount off your total bill. Then, pay the total cost of your package upfront and receive a further 5% discount!

Tony, Site Manager at Trafalgar Wharf, said "I've been making preparations in the yard, tidying and sorting the boats that are already here. Phil and Jim have been painting and doing maintenance on the machines ready for our busiest winter yet."

If you would like to come and join us this winter then click here to find out more. Alternatively, email Corinne on

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Trafalgar Wharf supports tenant in sponsored swim for British Heart Foundation

Chris from Waterside Boat Sales, a Tenant at Trafalgar Wharf, took part in the 2012 British Heart Foundation, Bournemouth to Boscombe, Pier to Pier swim on July 15th.

The total distance of the swim was 1.4 miles, which is 2,253 meters or 90 lengths of a 25 meter pool!

All the  sponsorship went to the British Heart Foundation who carry out lifesaving heart research each year and need support and funding to continue developing lifesaving treatment.

"I made sure I was one of the last of the 1400 swimmers to go in (just in case it was too cold) and completed the swim in 46 minutes. We had set a target of £500 and raised £720 in total, so a big thank you to everyone at Trafalgar Wharf who helped us reach this amazing amount of money."

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mark Compton of Driftwood Mechanical Services at Trafalgar Wharf

Mark Compton of Driftwood Mechanical Services based here at Trafalgar Wharf did a skydive for his birthday. It was a gift from wife Vanessa as she recently completed a skydiver herself for the RENAL Unit at QA Hospital in Cosham.

The reason for her doing this is because last year she underwent major surgery to give her brother one of her kidneys.

Mark was desperate to do the skydive too, but he was told that he was too heavy! Vanessa managed to find a Red Devil that would take him and he loved every minute and can’t wait to do it again. Click here to see Marks fall.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic celebrations at Trafalgar Wharf

We would like to give a huge congratulations to Team GB for their amazing medal haul. As you may have seen on the notice board outside the Trafalgar Wharf office we have been adding the gold medals each day and so by the end of the Olympics the board was overflowing!

Leah who plays hockey for Portsmouth and Southsea Hockey Club was lucky enough to get tickets for some of the Women’s placing hockey matches on Friday 10th August.

“The atmosphere was amazing and it was an experience I will always remember. My seat was on the top row and so I had a great view over the Olympic Park. I wish I was better at Hockey to have been playing instead of watching. Maybe I'll have my chance at Rio!”

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jo in uniform filming at Trafalgar Wharf

On Sunday 29th July our Office Manager, Jo, made her acting debut in a film called ‘The Dossier’ filmed right here at Trafalgar Wharf. The scene was set for Jo, in a replica Police uniform supplied with boots three sizes too small, to assist in finding a young woman captured by criminals held in one of our disused buildings.

Leading up to the day of filming, Jo had been practising her karate kicks and her lines ready for the scene. In fact, we have had to replace four doors in the office!

On the day, a nervous Jo was quaking in her police boots, she was acting in the scene on her own but was watched by six members of the production team.

The film will be out next year and is being taken to a few film festivals. I’m sure Jo will enjoy walking down the red carpet with Vin Diesel, (unfortunately for Jo he is not in the film but is her favourite actor).

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Portchester Sailing Club recieve a cheque from Trafalgar Wharf to add to their fundraising efforts

For the past couple of years we have supported our local community and sailors at Portchester Sailing Club.

As a thank you for their support, each year we add to their fundraising efforts to thank them for using Trafalgar Wharf for winter storage. This money will be allocated towards the much needed renovation of their club house.

Trevor Exelby, Commodore of PSC, accepted a cheque on the clubs’ behalf presented by Corinne, Sales Manager at Trafalgar Wharf. We look forward to welcoming members of PSC for another winter.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Whilst the cat's away...

Whilst the cats away the girls will

While your boss is away why not deploy your office outside.

The girls at Trafalgar Wharf took the opportunity to enjoy the sun by tipping a toe in the cool water of Portsmouth Harbour.

The Drystack Team are wishing they could relocating their office to The Solent but we know the Wiggins forklift would not float!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Racy Clippers

Summer is due to arrive in Portsmouth on Sunday so why not blow the cobwebs off your boat by heading to The Solent from Trafalgar Wharf or The Drystack as The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race returns to The Solent after more than 40,000 miles of ocean racing, on Sunday, 22 July.

Clipper Ventures have invited local boats to join a flotilla to follow the ten Clipper Race yachts, which will be led by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in Suhaili, the boat Sir Robin sailed to become the first non-stop solo circumnavigator in 1968-69.

The flotilla will start from Hamble Point Cardinal at 11:30 to midday and will parade up Southampton Water to Weston Shelf, where the flotilla will break up at 13:00.

There will be a spectacular air display as the yachts and crew arrive onshore for the official prize giving, to mark the completion of the year long race. There will be live music and entertainment throughout the day, with host stations Jack FM and The Breeze. 

To register your attendance email

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Arnie's Ark

Unfortunately the lovely weather isn’t set to improve but we are all crossing our fingers that the wind will blow the rain away soon so you can spend more time on your boats in the Solent.

Although the weather is getting the rest of Britain down, it isn’t at The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf. Take a look at Arnie and The Drystack Team taking some time out to play in the huge puddles with a remote control RIB.

To think he was on holiday in 40° heat in Cyprus last week to return to gallons of rain falling in minutes.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jo Launches at The Drystack

Ever since I joined Trafalgar Wharf back in August last year, I’ve been dying to get my hands on the giant Wiggins forklift that we use to launch our customers boats down at The Drystack.  11 months later and I get my wish!!  I felt so small sitting on it looking at all the levers and buttons, but under the guidance of Flipper I successfully took a boat off the racking, drove it over to the launch pad and launched it.  It was fab :-) I want to do it every day.  Watch it here.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bathing huts prove a big hit at The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf

A neat and tidy row of 12 colorful bathing huts has popped up at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, just in time for the summer boating season. The huts have been built for boat owners to store their nautical bits, such as fishing gear, life jackets, water-skis and waterproofs, rather than taking them home after use.

Jonny Boys, Managing Director of Trafalgar Wharf, is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to convenience for boat owners.

“Unlimited launches, valet refueling and now bathing hut storage, what more could a boat owner want? The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf is about the ultimate in convenience, so why lug your stuff home every time when you don’t have to. We want to be the ultimate “turn-up and go” facility, so we’re doing everything we can to make life easy for boat owners.”

The bathing huts are available to rent on a monthly basis for £60, a lot less than the world’s most expensive hut, Chalet Number 4 at West Bexington in Dorset, which sold for £235,000 in 2006.

And boat owners may even get a free bathing hut thanks to Andy Murray. “It’s going to be a great summer of sport so I’m going to refund 100% of the rental when Andy Murray wins Wimbledon.”

So call Corinne before Friday lunch time (6th July) to book yours.  You can get her on 02392 706384.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer Newsletter

It seems summer is on its way and we have some great things that are going on at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack. Check out our Full Newsletter by clicking on the summary.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

P&O Grand Event

It is certainly shaping up to be a busy year on and off the water from the Cunard 3 Queens procession for the Diamond Jubilee to the Olympics in Weymouth - diaries are starting to fill up and here is another Solent event not to be missed.
Click the image to enlarge

The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (More commonly known as P&O Cruises) are one of the largest Cruise Liner companies in the world and on Tuesday 3rd July to celebrate their 175th Anniversary they will bring together their fleet of 7 liners to depart the Solent together. The fleet review will also be accompanied by a Red Arrows Flypast as the liners come into formation between Southampton and Cowes.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Romantic Wedding of the Year

We would like to send a big congratulations to Tony Parkinson (Site Manager at Trafalgar Wharf) and the lovely Mandy, who had wonderful weather for their Wedding Day on Saturday 12th May 2012 at the Botley Grange Hotel. They then jetted off and enjoyed an exotic honeymoon in Egypt with a cruise down the Nile.

Doesn’t he scrub up well!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

On Sunday 3rd June Matt, our Sales and Marketing Assistant at Trafalgar Wharf was lucky enough to be involved in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Matt was working with the Northern Exposure Rescue on one of The Drystack RIBs to ensure all the crews of the Man Powered Craft were safe, warm and able to keep pace with the pageant.
Having spoken the Matt about the day he said ‘It was great to be a part of such a major boating event and see all of the landmarks London and the Thames have to offer. I am also pleased to say there were no injuries although a few of the crews were checked over for exposure due to the lovely British summer weather.’

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Matt's Going to The Jubilee Jamboree!

As the Queens Diamond Jubilee takes place this weekend we thought it might be interesting to see what Trafalgar Wharf looked like in 1952 when it was owned by Vosper Thornycroft. Back in those days The Drystack was used for building boats such as 'Brave Challenger' which is still one of the fastest Super Yachts in the world!
Look out for Matt this Sunday, our Sales and Marketing Assistant, in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. But if you would like to watch some celebrations on the South Coast then how about watching the Cunard's Three Ship Diamond Jubilee tribute to The Queen on Tuesday 5th June with the first ever Red Arrows display over Southampton.
We hope you have a lovely long weekend keeping The Drystack busy and raise a glass with us to The Queen.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Emma and Horatio “Do it” again! Hooray!

On 9th May our resident swans, Emma and Horatio, hatched their second successful clutch of signets. For most of the day Horatio was standing proud guarding the seven eggs as they hatched in the pouring rain. Today, Emma has her wings fully spread keeping the signets warm and dry on her seaweed nest at the top of the slipway. Hopefully in a couple of days we will give an update to the signets first swim.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Olympic Launch Celebration – Collective Spirit.

As you may have seen on BBC News, Collective Spirit was Launch in Chichester Harbour on Monday 7th May.

Collective Spirit’ is a wooden boat which has been crafted by artists to mark the Olympics. What makes the yacht extra special is that it has been made up entirely of people’s treasured and donated wooded belonging from measuring rulers to a guitar. The boat was built at Thornham Marina in Emsworth which is our sister site. Those lucky enough to see the yacht being built said ‘It was great to see the boat come together – there are so many stories and memories in it and it is great to see her finished and on the water.’

Friday, 4 May 2012

New Team Members

As many of you will already know, Lisa our Sales manager has departed to sunnier climes in Palma to start a new adventure. So to help us out in the office we now have two new team members to introduce.

Corinne is our new Sales Manages and will be meeting many of you when you arrive. Corinne has previously worked on HMS Warrior in Portsmouth harbour organising wedding and events as well as running a hotel or two in the beautiful Welsh country side. She is also no stranger to the local water as she previously owned a motor boat and helped with the local Sea Scout group.

Leah has also joined us as the new Customer Service Manager and will be the first smile you see when you pop into the office. She has a wealth of experience having worked in the marine industry since she graduated. As a keen sailor she spends as much time as possible on yachts or walking the South Downs Way with her family.

Feel free to drop in and say hello!

Friday, 13 April 2012

New Drystack Tiki Bar

Come and chill out at our new Tiki Bar at The Drystack.
We've still got to decorate it with some shells, coconuts and lights...but we think you'll agree this is another great addition to all the other brilliant services already offered at The Drystack.
So get your loudest shirt on and come on down to join us!
I can almost hear that Caribbean music playing!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Thinking about giving your boat that extra bit of TLC before the season really gets going?

This spring, if you lift your boat out here at Trafalgar Wharf we will give you 30 days storage ashore absolutely free! That should give you enough time to get her cleaned, checked out and ready to go for the summer months and save you around £200 – just think how many overnight moorings that could get you in a quiet little harbour along the coast………

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's to all our boat owners

The boats got together and wrote this song for their owners to tell them
how much they love being stored here.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Love from Trafalgar Wharf x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

NEW Drystack Video

Check out our NEW Drystack Video...there are some great customer testimonials at the end...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Free Sea Start membership for Drystack Customers

All annual users of The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf will get complimentary Sea Start membership.

Sea Start is just like the AA or RAC, but it's for boats. Their service is 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, for peace of mind for you and your family when out boating.

Sea Start offers expert mechanical marine breakdown assistance to both yacht owners and power boat owners who suddenly encounter unpredicted mechanical problems on the water.

Because Dry Stacking will help your boat's reliability and saves you shedloads on maintenance costs, this exclusive offer is really worth considering.

If The Drystack is not for you, you might still consider getting Sea Start cover anyway. If you're
a customer of ours they'll do you a great deal!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Our Valet Fuelling Service in Now Officially Open

First we bought the site, then we built the UK’s biggest indoor Drystack and now we’ve added the final flourish by opening our unique VALET FUELLING SERVICE.

Hundreds of our boat owners already know how convenient the indoor Drystack is so we asked them if there was anything more we could do. The one thing that came up was taking away the hassle of refuelling. So we decided to launch our Valet Fuelling Service.

We refuel boats and all payments are automated; no cash required; no hanging around to pay; no time wasted…just turn up and off you go. Just what you’ve always wanted!

For more details on our Valet Fuelling Service call us on 02392 387833, or email

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!

To help Luke, our Australian Drystack Manager, feel a little bit more at home we are celebrating Australia Day in the traditional Aussie way – boardies, shades and thongs! Or in English: colourful shorts, sunglasses and flip flops.

Australia day is celebrated on the 26th January because it was on that day in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip - commander of the First Fleet of eleven convict ships from Great Britain and the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove.

The tradition of having Australia Day as a national holiday is a recent one. Not until 1935 did all the Australian states and territories use that name to mark that date, and not until 1994 did they begin to celebrate Australia Day consistently as a public holiday!!

Check out our Video!

Friday, 13 January 2012

A Happy New Year to you all!

Welcome to 2012! The team at Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack would like to wish you all the best for 2012.

It has been a great start to 2012 for sailing with the record for circumnavigation of the globe being smashed! Banque Populaire V – the Maxi trimaran completed the trip in just 45 and a half days (13 hours, 43 minutes and 53 seconds to be exact.) Flying the flag for Britain was sailor Brian Thompson who made it his 4th non-stop circumnavigation of the globe – he now has his sights set on the Vendee Globe 2012.