Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jo in uniform filming at Trafalgar Wharf

On Sunday 29th July our Office Manager, Jo, made her acting debut in a film called ‘The Dossier’ filmed right here at Trafalgar Wharf. The scene was set for Jo, in a replica Police uniform supplied with boots three sizes too small, to assist in finding a young woman captured by criminals held in one of our disused buildings.

Leading up to the day of filming, Jo had been practising her karate kicks and her lines ready for the scene. In fact, we have had to replace four doors in the office!

On the day, a nervous Jo was quaking in her police boots, she was acting in the scene on her own but was watched by six members of the production team.

The film will be out next year and is being taken to a few film festivals. I’m sure Jo will enjoy walking down the red carpet with Vin Diesel, (unfortunately for Jo he is not in the film but is her favourite actor).