Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Not yet completed your VHF marine radio course? Been meaning to get round to doing it? Well we have some important information that may help make up your mind! Starting in 2014, the RYA are making substantial changes to the VHF Radio Course and exam.

Why? ... well if you currently take your VHF Licence outside of the UK, you would have to do a longer course and must be examined by someone who is not also the course instructor.

What does that mean to you?... In order for the UK to come in line with European Regulations, all VHF courses in 2014 will change. Increasing from 1 day to 2 Day (approx 10 hours study time), which would then be followed by an exam that is separate from the teaching and is invigilated by someone who is not also the instructor. Although we are waiting on further final confirmation, this move means the courses will now have a greater impact on your time and will no doubt cost more to do.

So our advice... call Kim at the JBT Office today on: 0870 908 9336, if you want to avoid having to do a longer and more expensive course in 2014.

VHF Radio Courses
Location: Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, PO6 4PX
Price: £100 (Inc Vat)
Saturday 2nd November 2013 - SPECIAL OFFER £50 (Inc VAT)
Saturday 30th November 2013  
•    If weekends are unsuitable, we are more than happy to offer mid week courses. For further information on these, please call Kim at the JBT office on: 0870 908 9336
•    An additional payment of £30, will be required on the day of the course. Which is payable to the RYA, for the issue of your VHF/SRC Operators Licence.
•    If you hold an 'old' VHF licence (pre -1999), you will need to complete the course to upgrade your qualification.