Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Trafalgar Wharf Launches “Sweet Tooth Index” For On-Time Tenants

Portsmouth’s shipyards have been dealt a huge blow by the Government but businesses at Trafalgar Wharf are bucking the recession – something which is proven by the recently-launched Sweet Tooth Index.

Jonny Boys, MD of the former Vosper Thorneycroft dockyard reckons things are looking up for his army of tenants, who are marching forward on their well-fed stomachs.

“We recently launched our Sweet Tooth Index as a way of thanking our tenants and encouraging them pay on time,” Jonny said.

“It started off in March by rewarding our clients with Krispy Kreme donuts. We got 18 clients who pledged to pay on time and we delivered dozens of donuts. Our second quarter was even better when we offered Pryers Afternoon Tea as 24 clients paid on time.”

Incentivising on-time rental payments through sweet treats has resulted in faster cash flow for the Trafalgar Wharf business and Jonny continues his quest for the ultimate sugary reminder.

“We’ve just hit our best ever quarter with the current craze for cupcakes. It’s amazing to think that Ella’s Cupcakes, a local business, helped us encourage 28 tenants to pay on time.

We’re now searching for a new Sweet Tooth Index incentive to be Christmas
number one. If anyone has any good ideas I’d love to hear them because the winner will get a box delivered to their door!”