Thursday, 8 May 2014

Alex “One Man and His Dog” Dubois Secures His 25 Years Guarding Trafalgar Wharf

Kylie Minogue was number one in the charts with ‘Hand on Your Heart’, Ford was selling bucket loads of the Escort, and Arsenal won the Football League, when, Fareham man Alex Dubois joined Vosper Thorneycroft as a security officer.

25 years on from the 8th May 1989 and Alex is still working at Trafalgar Wharf as a guard for Securitas, but now it’s motor boats and super yachts he’s guarding rather than secret army and navy vessels.

“I’ve always been a security officer, even before VT, I was in security for a packaging firm,” Alex says.

“Making sure everything is taken care of and secure is something I’m proud to do. I’ve been here at Trafalgar longer than I’ve been married and not many people work in the same place for a quarter of a century. I’ve been lucky.”

Alex’s wife Lyn may not have known him before VT, but she did drive a hard bargain when he asked her to marry him.

“She made me promise to buy her a Belgian Shepherd dog before she would say yes.  It wasn’t a deal breaker and we’re now on our third dog.”

It’s nice that despite the massive changes taking place in the marine industry in Portsmouth, a little bit of loyalty does bring its rewards.