Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Well done to the people who correctly identified the 2 photo-bombed pictures on the Trafalgar Wharf & Drystack websites, we hope you enjoyed your wine.

Send us a photo of you enjoying it and the best photo will win another bottle!

John Douglas
Bryan Grayer
Jeremy Lee
Graham Parker
Paul Bambrough-Smith
Justin Evelegh
Tim Howlett
Adrian Smith
Martin - Birchell Marine
Sarah, Kelly and Debbie – Bates Wharf
Marcus – Waterside Boat Sales
Steve and Ben – Clipper Marine

Thursday, 16 October 2014

You've met the team, now meet the machines!

Our mighty Marina Bull forklifts, Emma and Fanny (named after Lord Nelson’s wife and mistress!!) are used in our Drystack which offers launch and recovery on demand, just like valet parking for boats. These custom built machines allow us to retrieve your boat from the lowest of tides, some 22ft below ground level, and store her safely away up to 60ft in the air in our indoor Drystack.  Fanny and Emma can launch and recover boats in a matter of minutes.

Gertrude the Cherry Picker extends up to 85ft in the air helping us to maintain our buildings and work on masts without the need to un-step.

Mary the Merlo, or tele-handle as she is more commonly known, is our green beast.  She provides us with a 4ton multi lifting capability.  She can lift anything from pallets and small boats to masts.

Suzie The Sublift is one of the key machines in our boatyard arsenal allowing us to lift up to 25tons of boat in ultimate safety.  Suzie is a state of the art, fully submersible, remote controlled lift.  This means your boat is never more than 1-2ft from the ground.

Tallulah the Tractor and Chloe the Cono-Lift enable us to move your boat out of tight places in and around the Boatyard and Drystack.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Find the photo-bombed picture and we’ll send you a bottle of wine

Be one of the first 10 people to find the photo-bombed picture on the Trafalgar Wharf website and The Drystack website, and we’ll send you a bottle of wine. 

Remember, you have to find both pictures.

Email me back and let me know where they are and I’ll send you a bottle of wine, red or white, it’s your choice. 

Keep your eye out for the winners on our Blog.

Have fun and good luck.