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Take a look at the latest news from Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack

Trafalgar Wharf Newsletter Issue 12


continued from last issue.

M = Mushroom Anchor—Handy galley accessory that keeps this popular and flavourful fungus form rolling off plates in high seas.
N = Nylon Rope—A durable synthetic rope that has the curious property that its strength decreases over time in almost exact proportion to the increase in its retail price.
O = Overboard—No longer on board ship-usually used in reference to a person who has fallen off one. One of the limited number of circumstances when disembarkation from a boat implies a shortening rather than a lengthening of the life span of the individual involved.
P = Propeller—Underwater winch designed to wind up at high speed any lines or painters left hanging over the stern
Q=Quarantine—traditional four-masted plague ship.
R= Racing—Popular nautical contact sport.

Looking good….Our  Marina is having its finishing touches, the berths are being named after exotic places, Tahiti, Bahamas and St Tropez to name but a few.
Power and  water pods have been added for customers convenience and lovely blue, atmospheric lighting adds to the boutique feeling.

Corinne Marshall (Sales Manager) spent 10 days at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

Sharing a stand with JBT Marine she had a really successful time enticing customers to enter into a competition to win a years free boat storage in The Drystack worth up to £6,000. 

Anybody that entered was given a free bottle of BBQ sauce,
Why BBQ sauce?

‘Cause its good with RIBS…Get it?

Corinne Marshall (Sales Manager) presenting Paul Wilson with his prize

To Paul Wilson on winning the Weber Smoky Joe Premium BBQ.
For your chance to win and enter into our monthly competition, just visit our  Facebook page Trafalgar Wharf and The Drystack and “like us”. Scroll to the latest competition post and follow the instructions to enter. We have lots of lovely marine related prizes to be won.  Good Luck!

EMMA & FANNY (named after Lord Nelson’s wife and mistress!) Custom built Marina Bull Forklifts used in the Drystack which offers launch and recovery on demand, just like valet parking for boats.

GERTRUDE the Cherry Picker  extends up to 85ft in the air helping us to maintain our buildings and work on masts without the need to un-step.

MARY the Merlo or tele-handler as she is more commonly knows, is our green beast. She provides us with a 4 tonne multi lifting capability. She can lift anything from pallets and small boats to masts.

SUZIE the Sublift is one of the key machines in our boatyard, allowing us to lift up to 25 tonnes of boat in ultimate safety. Suzie is a state of the art, fully submersible, remote controlled lift. This means your boat is never more than 1-2ft from the ground.

You have met the team now meet the machines…..

1925, Harry Pounds opened his original ship breaking yard on what is the northern quarter of the Trafalgar Wharf site. Pounds scrap business would blossom after the war, so much so that in the 50’s he moved the yard to Copnor and can still be seen today from the M27 on the way to Portsmouth.

1949,  Vospers partnered John Cobb to design and build a new record breaking craft that could reach 250mph. The result was the Crusader which was basically a center hull with two outriggers. The project ended disastrously with the death of John Cobb at the helm.

1947,    Prior to  the famous Mother Kelly’s fish and chip shop being built. (situated on the main Southampton Road near Trafalgar House), the locals used Bert’s CafĂ©, which was an old Isle of Wight paddle steamer that was saved from being broken up. It provided a diner/hostel for truckers, bikers and local workers.

Rob Adams,Tom Harding and Leah Davis  (the first female to pass this exam  at Trafalgar Wharf) were all successful on the Merlo telehandler course and passed the test with flying colours. They will all now be able to  handle our Green Beast with ease.

Moving on up!
The second layer of offices were craned carefully into place ready for a balcony and staircase to be fitted for access to the upper offices. Interiors will be finished soon ready for our tenants to move in over the winter.

Our first summer BBQ was held on an overcast afternoon in August. The live trio, JESSY RAY BAND, a brilliant rock and roll trio entertained guests while they tucked into the lovely food.
'Wolf Shock Mitigation Systems Ltd’ is a new company which was launched this year. They manufacture bespoke SHOCK MITIGATION DECKING for any power boat or RIB.
They sponsored the Pimms Bar at this years Trafalgar Wharf Summer BBQ and are very pleased to announce they raised £150 on behalf of the R.N.L.I.
You can website email '
Trafalgar Wharf is situated at the top of Portsmouth Harbour
*Experienced, trained and friendly staff will lift and re-launch your boat
*State of the art submersible boat lift to safely lift your boat
*Your boat will receive a loving pressure wash to ensure it has a clean bottom
*Power and water available
*Toilets, showers and marine   tenants all on site

Sir Malcom Campbell’s Bluebird K4 seen at Vosper’s yard in Portchester

Wheels on the horizon

Have you seen our new hamster exercise wheels at the entrance to Trafalgar Wharf?

Well not quite hamster wheels, but a new installation by MAGMA GLOBAL making carbon fibre pipe for the gas and oil industry.

Martin Jones Magma’s  CEO comments:“Our carbon fibre pipes for oil and gas exploration and production are unique and combine the most advanced materials and production processes in the world today. We are becoming    established within the global oil industry as a supplier to offshore developments in many areas such as Angola and the Gulf of Mexico. This expansion of our manufacturing facilities anchors our  production at Trafalgar Wharf in Portchester
What else would you use the wheels for? Prize for the funniest answer, send ideas to

Are you looking for SAFE, SHELTERED  WINTER STORAGE for your boat?

Mr Geen of Southampton was the lucky winner of the prize draw to win a years free storage in our drystack. He was absolutely surprised and delighted at winning. To see our little video visit our website and click News.
Our new boutique marina is now open and offers berthing for boats of all shapes and sizes.  It is well sheltered and dredged to approximately 1.5m with good tidal access.
In our completely undercover, indoor drystack, offering the ultimate protection for your boat from the elements. Unlimited lifts and launches throughout the winter so you can still enjoy taking your boat out on sunny winter days.
Call Corinne now on  02392 387833 for our special offers.

Our annual pumpkin boat race took place on  30th October. Each team made a boat that had to include a pumpkin. Designs included bits of stationary, wood, string, sticky tape and even a firework!
The race took place in our new marina and the winner would be the boat that travelled the furthest in 10 minutes.            Winners were the Boatyard team with their boat ‘HMS CONCH’, see a brilliant video on our website and click on the News. on news


The Crusader

First pod is carefully positioned...

Second one slots neatly in place,

Followed by the third, fourth etc until all twelve are beautifully lined up.

Forgotten to bring that stuff from home….

Well we are here to save the day!  Our little boaty shop is now open in our main reception, please ask the team and if we don’t stock it now we are taking suggestions for new items.

1945, Post war saw a decline in naval contracts forcing Vospers to diversify. Under the guidance of director Sir John Rix the company was steered towards design and construction of motor yachts, trawlers, caravans and even fair ground rides! 

‘Tales of the Riverbank ‘
Adrian White who has worked with us for a year or so (some of you may know him as a Yacht Surveyor) is taking on an exciting adventure on the water. Adrian and his wife Myra are moving to a new home on a 62ft traditional narrow boat called Hereward.  They are in the process of moving the boat at the moment and as soon as they get moored up they are going to let us know how they are getting on. A few  interesting stories for sure, so watch this space….


1930, Saw the emergence of a small but rapidly expanding shipbuilder by the name of Vospers, who operated out of the Camber in Old Portsmouth. With war clouds looming the Navy required the space to expand the Navel Base. The Admiralty moved Vospers to Portchester and rewarded them with a contract to build fast launches to be carried by the Navy’s battleships.

1939, Malcolm Campbell approached the Vospers yard to re-design his high speed K4 Blue Bird and improve on his water speed record set in this year. Sadly K4 failed to match its earlier success and was eventually replaced by the jet powered K7 in 1951.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gas safety on-board your boat

After watching the fireworks last night I thought this video might be apt to send today as we don’t want any explosions on your boat!  Click here to watch it.

Also, click here to watch a controlled explosion on a boat!