Thursday, 20 April 2017

Did you know this about Ballistic RIBs?

You may already know that our MD, Jonny Boys, also owns JBT Marine RIB sales that is based here at Trafalgar Wharf in Portsmouth.  JBT Marine specialise in building and selling Ballistic RIBs, along with selling other new and used RIBs and Powerboats.

But you probably don’t know that when he acquired the rights to build Ballistic RIBs, he not only used his years of experience to make many positive changes, he also ensured the boats went through rigorous testing before JBT Marine started to market them.

Jonny entered five Ballistic RIBs into the famously unforgiving 5-day Trans Agulhas race in South Africa to put the RIBs to the ultimate test. The Trans Agulhas is a 1000km race around the southernmost tip of Africa well known for unpredictable sea conditions and shark infested waters.  Whilst the Ballistic RIBs performed incredibly well throughout this race, many lessons were learnt and design adjustments were made accordingly, making the Ballistic RIB one of the most capable RIBs of its kind ever made.

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