Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Forklift erection!

You've probably seen our huge Wiggins marine forklifts launching and moving boats around here at Trafalgar Wharf & The Drystack, but would you like to see one of these mighty machines being assembled?  Below is a quick time lapsed video of the lads putting together our newest forklift.  It's quite incredible.

Our newest marine forklift arrived on site back in February, all the way from the US, to join her two sisters Emma and Fanny.  Fitted with a super green Volvo Penta engine fitter she really is a clean, green, boat-moving machine. 

Enjoy the video, and if you want a little more information on the new girls green engine then click here, you'll also be able to read about the new HUSS diesel particulate filters we added to Emma and Fanny.