Thursday, 6 April 2017

We Care for Air

We are working towards a cleaner and greener environmental set up here at Trafalgar Wharf & The Drystack and so we have fitted some new exhaust systems to our marine forklifts, Emma and Fanny, that we use in our Drystack.  These clever exhausts reduce up to 99.9% of the soot that comes out of the engines which is better for the people working around the machines, better for the boats in The Drystack, and of course better for the environment.

These HUSS diesel particulate filters are a very efficient way to collect soot.  They offer a certified way of collecting and burning the soot, used widely in California they meet CARB and International standards.

We flew one of HUSS's top engineers, a chap we call 'American Steve' (because we already have two of our own Steve's here), all the way from Palm Desert in California to help our Tom Harding and Mark Compton fit these exhaust systems to the girls.

If you're interested in the technology then click here to read about the system

Our newest Wiggins marine forklift (name still be to advised) who arrived last month already has a super green Volvo Penta engine fitter to her producing much lower emissions and a lot less noise.  There is a chemical called Adblue added to a separate tank which gets mixed within the engine and the chemical reaction that takes place creates nitrogen and steam (water) to ensure that the emissions that come out are less harmful to the environment. Nitrogen and water both naturally occur in the atmosphere. 

So this means that we now have 3 Wiggins marine forklifts. We are the only drystack in the Solent to have three marine forklifts so we are guaranteed to always be able to launch your boat.