Thursday, 20 July 2017

How to get to Ryde Harbour by water

Have you ever been to Ryde Harbour in your boat?  If you have then you'll know its a tricky harbour to get into. Its not only tidal and drying, but the entrance is inbetween two stone walls and hard to spot on your approach. Not the easiest harbour, but well worth it once you're moored up.

You're able to access Ryde Harbour two hours either side of high tide which means a trip there has to be planned very carefully.  Oh, and don't forget to pay the Harbour Master for your stay when you leave.

Last week, Boat Club Trafalgar arranged a guided boat trip for some of its members across to Ryde with their RYA Instructor Chris Moody. This was their first guided boat trip and it was a huge success so I know they are planning some more.

I thought it was a pretty informative video and wanted to share it with you incase you fancy taking a trip over there sometime.  Enjoy :)

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Shark spotted in the Solent - But is it a Great White?

Last week, our MD, Jonny Boys, asked Solent boaters to keep their eyes peeled for the rumoured Great White of The Solent.

To his surprise he has already received an entry from someone who took a picture of a shark in Langstone Harbour. 

Simon Masson is the first person to enter the competition to spot a Great White in the Solent. "I saw this fin breaking the water in Langstone Harbour and I think it was a shark.  Although I was on the beach and it was some way out, I took the picture as it was such an unusual sight.  I saw the Boat Club Trafalgar competition to win a membership and thought I'd enter just in case it was a Great White!"

Jonny said, "There certainly is a lot of wildlife in the Solent and this proves that it's worth keeping your eyes open as you never know what you'll see. We'll have to send this photo off to the Shark Trust to see what they make of it."

Keep your eyes peeled when out on the water. You could be the first person to have a confirmed sighting of a Great White. And even if you don't - there's plenty of great things to see, including the Solent dolphins.

For more information on Boat Club Trafalgar call Steve on 02392 706 599 or email him at


Friday, 7 July 2017

Are you looking for a safe and sheltered marina to store your boat? If so we could save you a bucket load of cash.

If you own a boat that is 7m to 10m in length we’ll give you £50 per meter per year off your storage cost when you moor your boat in our sheltered boutique marina here in Portsmouth Harbour, PLUS, we’ll give you membership to Sea Start absolutely free (Sea Start is like the AA or RAC, but for boats).

We have modern pontoons with water and electricity, and even a grassed party pontoon you can book to have BBQ’s and drinks on with your friends. 

Park your car in our secure, free, on-site car park which is right next to the marina and stay on your boat over-night.  We have fantastic loos and shower rooms for you to use too at no extra charge.

Our normal price is £416.67 per meter per year, but take advantage of this limited offer and you’ll only pay £366.67 per meter per year.

Just think of all the lovely things you could spend that saved cash on :)

Call Corinne on 02392 387833 and come and have a look around to see how lovely it is here, but be quick, this offer won't last forever.