Thursday, 20 July 2017

How to get to Ryde Harbour by water

Have you ever been to Ryde Harbour in your boat?  If you have then you'll know its a tricky harbour to get into. Its not only tidal and drying, but the entrance is inbetween two stone walls and hard to spot on your approach. Not the easiest harbour, but well worth it once you're moored up.

You're able to access Ryde Harbour two hours either side of high tide which means a trip there has to be planned very carefully.  Oh, and don't forget to pay the Harbour Master for your stay when you leave.

Last week, Boat Club Trafalgar arranged a guided boat trip for some of its members across to Ryde with their RYA Instructor Chris Moody. This was their first guided boat trip and it was a huge success so I know they are planning some more.

I thought it was a pretty informative video and wanted to share it with you incase you fancy taking a trip over there sometime.  Enjoy :)