Thursday, 13 July 2017

Shark spotted in the Solent - But is it a Great White?

Last week, our MD, Jonny Boys, asked Solent boaters to keep their eyes peeled for the rumoured Great White of The Solent.

To his surprise he has already received an entry from someone who took a picture of a shark in Langstone Harbour. 

Simon Masson is the first person to enter the competition to spot a Great White in the Solent. "I saw this fin breaking the water in Langstone Harbour and I think it was a shark.  Although I was on the beach and it was some way out, I took the picture as it was such an unusual sight.  I saw the Boat Club Trafalgar competition to win a membership and thought I'd enter just in case it was a Great White!"

Jonny said, "There certainly is a lot of wildlife in the Solent and this proves that it's worth keeping your eyes open as you never know what you'll see. We'll have to send this photo off to the Shark Trust to see what they make of it."

Keep your eyes peeled when out on the water. You could be the first person to have a confirmed sighting of a Great White. And even if you don't - there's plenty of great things to see, including the Solent dolphins.

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