Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentine's Day - The boaters gift guide

February is here and ‘love is in the air’ as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While chocolates, cards, and flowers are very nice, they are sometimes gone the very next day. There's no lasting power with these types of gifts. There is no better way to demonstrate your love than to get a water lover something that will keep them safe and feed their passion. Gifts such as these serve a much greater purpose than sweets or stuffed bears.

Do you have a boater in your life that you love and cherish?  Boaters are easier to shop for than you think.  If you're still scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift, check out our boater gift guide list to gain some inspiration this Valentine’s Day (or a nice little treat for yourself ;))

Lots of the gifts listed below, and many more, can be bought in our brand new chandlery here in our office at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth.

1. A tide clock – There is no easier way to know the times of the tides

2. Tide indicator watch – Does the same job as the tide clock, but it sits on the wrist

3. Boat merchandise – Pillows, cutting boards, cups, plates, lamps; the sky is the limit with this

4. Books and magazines – For the boater who loves to read and expand their horizons

5. Waterproof speaker case – Protect their investment, water is unpredictable!

6. Waterproof phone or tablet case – Once again, water is unpredictable. Some cases even float.  Available in our new chandlery (for phones)

7. Marine boat speakers – You'll need something for the tunes

8. Dry bag – This is a must have for wallets and / or purses. Many can even connect to the wrist or waist. Available in our new chandlery
9. Boat shoes – Every boater needs a stylish pair of non-slip, water resistant shoes.  No one likes soggy feet!

10. Sunglasses – Protect their eyes from dangerous UV light while they are out on the water.  Available in our new chandlery 
11. Canine accessories – For man’s best friend there are life vests and boat ladders available

12. Quick cleat mooring device – For the novice boater. Secures the line while doing docking manoeuvres

13. Courses – Knowledge is power, so sign up the special boater in your life to an RYA course through JBT Marine who are part of the Trafalgar Wharf Group and who are based here in Portsmouth
14. Boat Club Trafalgar membership - unlimited, hassle-free boating for a simple monthly fee. Also part of the Trafalgar Wharf Group based here at our site in Portsmouth

15. Kill switch leash – An important safety feature. It will kill (stop) the engine if the boater falls overboard. Available in our new chandlery 

16. Tool Kit – A simple yet useful gift
17. A good knife – Always needed. Slice through lines, fabric, and whatever else with ease.
18. Fishing equipment - Catch your own lunch with fishing rods and accessories. Available in our new chandlery 
19. Life jacket – make sure every passenger has one that fits properly - enough said!  Available in our new chandlery 
20. Emergency Kit – Make sure they are prepared with flares, whistles, signal mirrors, a distress light, etc.

21. Navigational charts – Just make sure the charts are up to date!
22. GPS – Can be even more handy, but still need to have navigational charts available as a backup
23. Compass – An oldie, but goodie. A necessary one at that
24. Rope – Simple yes, but for a boater it’s one of their life lines. Available in our new chandlery 
25. Binoculars – Make sure they are waterproof and buoyant
26. Sonar – Not only good for fishing, but for knowing depth
27. Personal protective equipment (PPE) – First aid kits, sunscreen, water, food, etc.
28. Handheld VHF marine radio – Mobile phones don’t always work
29. Waterproof flashlight / spotlight / Thermal imager – An important yet simple accessory

30. Batteries – These are always needed

31. Waterproof jacket – It can get cold out on the water, and wet. Keep warm and dry with one of these. Available in our new chandlery 

32. Carbon monoxide detector – This is a MUST if the boat has a cabin

33. Cooler – Everyone needs to eat, so keep food and drinks cooled and fresh (maybe even the fish you catch)

34. Water bottle – Make sure everyone stays hydrated

35. Portable shower – Rinse off and freshen up after a swim, if you dare to take a dip!

36. Wash bag - Keep towels and products dry in a stylish bag.  Available in our new chandlery 

37. Battery jump box – Dead batteries are never any fun

38. Paddles – Depending on boat size, these can be very helpful in case the engine ever cuts out

39. Sea Start membership - it's like the AA or RAC of the water.  24/7 call out if you break down on the pontoon or out on the water.  

40. Inflatables – Great for fun on those sunny days. Available in our new chandlery 

41. General accessories for cleaning and maintenance - these are always going to come in handy.  Available in our new chandlery 

Have a fantastic weekend and a
wonderful Valentines Day.